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The Grateful Dead Live at William and Mary College Hall on 1973-09-11

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The Grateful Dead Live at William and Mary College Hall on 1973-09-11

Set 1

Promised Land, Sugaree, The Race is On, Loser, Looks Like Rain, Tennessee Jed, Jack Straw, China Cat Sunflower-> I Know You Rider, El Paso, Mississippi Half Step, Playin' In The Band

Set 2

Let Me Sing*, Weather Report Suite Prelude*-> Weather Report Suite Part 1-> Let It Grow*, Row Jimmy, Big River, Deal, Beat It On Down The Line, Dark Star-> Morning Dew, Sugar Magnolia

*with Martin Fiero and Joe Ellis on horns. Doug Sahm opened; First Let Me Sing

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue William and Mary College Hall
Location Williamsburg, VA

Source SBD:MR>C1>DAT>Edit (see info file)>CD
Transferred by Goodbear


Martin Fierro plays on various songs.
Teddy :^)

*Encoded to SHN by: Teddy "GoodBear" & posted the 1st time to:
"alt.binaries.gdead.highspeed" in 6/2000 with the help of Doug Johnson, aka Gomer.

**ONLY Hiss reduction AND 4dB amplification on ALL tracks used on 9/30/2006 with Cool Edit Pro:

**SBD:MR>C1>DAT>Edit* (see above)>CDR EAC>Hiss Reduction/Amplify Edit**>FLAC

*My Original 6/2000 DAT is NOT shnid=184 release but may well be same source. However, that's where any
other similarities END... This release (April 2011) sounds better IMO...

Teddy Notes 9/30/2006: You will be pleasantly surprised IMHO to hear the quality!!! There is very little
sign (if any) of a cassette generation... Enjoy!!!

** Encoded to SHN and FLAC 10/1/2006 W/hiss reduction on ALL

***Converted to FLAC April 2011 & seeded shortly thereafter by Teddy "GoodBear" :wave:

April 2011:
--Audience patches in Dew at 10:42 through 4:04 into Sugar Mag sounds much better than shnid=112220
--converted d1t01 thru d2t04 SHN files to FLAC
--edit shnid=184 files from "Let It Grow" until end with hiss reduction and amplify with these timings:

Let It Grow 11:05
Row Jimmy 09:12
Big River 04:30
Deal 04:56
Beat It On Down The Line 03:21

Dark Star > Phil "bombs", feedback & space > 23:18
Morning Dew > 12:49
Sugar Magnolia 09:13

* = 6/2000 fix & seed (no shnid but have MD5 & NFO - IF ANYBODY HAS THESE SHNs PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP)
** = 9/30/2006 hiss only fix (no shnid but have MD5 and TXT)
*** = 2006 FLAC files lost - April 2011

*On the SBD:MR their were numerous pops in the left channel & some in the
right channel. These errors sound like equipment problems on the stage,
but I cannot be certain of its origin.

*These errors & lineage from DAT were corrected (almost perfectly) as

*GoodBear DAT @ 48kHZ > Sony DAT deck PCM-R300 > coaxial s/pdif > pentium II
350 mHz via Turtle Beach "Fiji" soundcard > CoolEdit > convert to 44.1kHz >
edit - zoom in real close on the errors & remove (BOTH channels w/o any
noticeable music loss for most of the errors) & lowered AUD volume levels
in CoolEdit > Smart & Friendly CDR SCSI drive > CD

*AUD patches were added in Morning Dew onward until the 1st 4 minutes of
Sugar Magnolia, prior to me receiving my DAT. The patches were seamless,
but the volume was a touch too high, so I lowered it just SLIGHTLY during
the AUD portions of Morning Dew only... Teddy Notes 10/1/2006: AUD lineage
from 6/2000 fix not remembered, but one can assume is from the AUD in
circulation at that time.

Teddy notes: the 1st 1:04 of "Jet To The Promised Land" has low Bobby vocals and very rich bass until the SBD mix get's better at about 1:05.

Below timings have NOT changed from my original 6/2000 DAT source after I edited/retracked it BACK THEN and put on CD/DAT... This release here 9/30/2006**, is MY original edited 6/2000 tracks EXACTLY, plus the 9/30/2006 fix** (see below)...


Reviewer: c-freedom - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 16, 2015
Subject: Like a song that is born to sail the skies...
This is some very nice and mellow Dead. I picked it up at Jack Straw and just put the headphones on.
Always considered the WRS to be some of the bands most inspired music.
Nice to hear the "Let me sing" although it does not match the studio version it is cool!
I will tell you this world is just spinning out of control and I have very few places left to find peace besides the old music and my Bible.
The horns hear are great. It had to be a bit of a challenge to keep the whole ensemble movin in the same direction. There is a nice jam inside the Let it Grow where you can pick up the horns pretty good. Would have liked them to play on the Half Step /El Paso !!!
Anyhow this a nice recording to have as it certainly does justice to a brief transitional period where they tinkered with a more jazz orchestral sound.
Reviewer: LongIslandPirate - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 3, 2015
Subject: Re: Stellablu122's review
This wasn't Bruce Hornsby's first Dead concert.
The first show he attended was at the Capitol Center in '73.

The Dead enjoyed this show so much so that at the end of the night, Bob Weir comes up to the microphone and says, "We had such a great time tonight, we're gonna come back and play tomorrow night -- for free!"
They took all floor seats out and had a big party the following night.
Reviewer: DMT - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 14, 2015
Subject: .
5 star Morning Dew
Reviewer: Stellablu122 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 10, 2012
Subject: Some amazing music here
I have overlooked this show even though there is much written about the show and the band's enjoyment of the two night run. The second show was added after the first one was played.
I was also told that this was Bruce Hornsby's first show.

The first set is outstanding and this recording is exceptional. The band is off and running with a powerhouse Promised Land. Loser is grand and LL Rain is a gem. A mid set China>Rider is off the rails. The interactions bewteen Phil and Jerry are very noteworthy. The rest if the set is the high light with huge versions of all songs. Playing is epic.

Set two starts off with a rare and fun performace of Keith's Let Me Sing your Blues Away with Martin Fierro and Joe Ellis and it is really good. His vocals are quite good and you wonder why he only had one song during his tenure with the band?
There is a moment where Keith yells "hey" right before they go back into the verses after the intrumental break, it kinda catches you by surprise and you wonder if someone had jumped up on stage or threw something at his piano?

WRS Prelude and WRS Part one are a high light of this set. Martin and Joe's contributions really shine here and added an extra specialness. The Let it Grow is very good but not as epic as later version would become. The interaction with Jerry and Phil in the end jam is quite good.

Mid set is not bad, well played but not as intense as the first set.

They next go deep with a very good DS, although shorter and not as out there as other contemporay versions, it is very nice with what maybe the first Mind Left Body tease. They just hint at it for a few bars.
Then we get the goods with a majestic Morning Dew. This version is more sedate at forst but features sweet licks by Jerry and builds up to an amazing ending.
Please be forwarned that there is a cut to an audience source right during the end jam. I hope the master exist intack?
Either way the band builds up to an emotional and powerful ending.

They rock it out with a killer Sugar Magnolia and the sbd source comes back in during the second verse and the band rages to a epic conclusion.
No encore this night kiddies ;)
Reviewer: aybesea69 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 21, 2011
Subject: Simply Stunning Weather Report!
I don't agree at all about the horns not belonging here... this show is absolutely wonderful. Particularly the WRS! The horns make it special. Add a brilliant Dark Star and Dew... voila... classic show!
Reviewer: lickmyballs - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 5, 2011
Subject: Row Jimmy
Sounds so much better (to me) that Jerry stopped playing slide on this. Very tasty solos and except for a flubbed note in the first this is Garcia at his melodic and lyrical best. Less is more. Wonderful guitar tones captured nicely in this recording.
Oh yeah this Dark Star is the dooky (wjere's Keith?).
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